Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-13 | 09:07:19

I am very new to the interface. Is there a way to use 1 chart for Boat 1 and a separate chart for Boat 2 with diff. destinations?

It seems to default to whatever my last chart was, regardless of boat selection.

Is there a way to select different destinations for each boat so each boats individual chart is displayed?

I love the way it works for W1, but I want to make W2 go somewhere else.

Wildheart 1 <<<< not computer savvy....:)

P.S. The default back to each individual chart is fine. I am just talking destinations.

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Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-13 | 09:59:34
do you mean that right-clicking and chosing another destination does not work?
or that you would like to have different default destination depending on the vessel name? I feel the latter needs the boss...
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-13 | 15:20:28
The Boss....:)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-13 | 15:10:06
Destinations are stored in cookies now. Adding the boat name or id to the cookie will make separate destinations possible, but the plugin has to send the boat info too .... will think about it.

Another thing I was thinking about was a list of custom waypoints in the popup menu. In this way you could quickly switch back and forth. Now it's somehow random process.
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-13 | 15:25:05
Was just thinking when trying to split your boats apart (one one way the other the other) That it would make it much easier to do is all.

I get a little confused (late at night...:)

Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-14 | 02:31:54
I personally, would like it better if when I click on my boat (whichever boat) it goes to the specific chart that boat is using, Diff destination or not. That would make it super easy to switch between boats with two diff goals.

As far as the pop up menu with waypoints .... I would almost rather see pins. I do not sail directly to a waypoint very often, weather I am in RL or VR. Heck Autoangle is virtually useless. Autosail is good for waypoint but, like I said, I really don't use waypoints much.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-14 | 03:08:40

If you get the 1st paragragh working, then you don't really need pins (your black dots are better).

Then you could add waypoints to the popup and bingo!

If only one then Paragraph 1 first Priority, but both would be awesome!

Wildheart <<<< Can I have my cake and eat the whole thing?
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-14 | 05:07:09
Jeez, seems quiet on the homefront. .....Especially considering the event and the spread of boats.

I guess your program is working nicely then Cvetan.

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