Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-05-21 | 23:04:32

VR has changed their polars format and as a result, the dashboard fails to find the sail definitions.

Cvetan spotted this and already provided a patch. I published a new version but as usual it may take a while until Google makes it available.

Happy sailing

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Post by iconPost by Ben | 2020-05-23 | 09:07:30
Hi !
3.7.11 online 22 mai 2020
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-05-26 | 23:22:45
I just sent another version into Google's release queue with two more changes worth mentioning:

- On the FLEET tab, column 'Last Update' now uses 'lastCalcDate' timestamp (instead of the message timestamp). This is supposed to be the actual time of the corresponding boat position. As can be seen, boats are updated to different timestamps, skewing the actual positions of your opponents. At least, that is my interpretation.

- As for the second change, I've finally given in to greed.
I'll be happy if you hit this new button, but I'll be even happier if you don't forget Zezo on the occasion. He's the boss.

Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2020-05-27 | 05:11:02
That's great. I thought the timestamp was that way and recently noticed it wasn't. Thanks.
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