Post by iconPost by Jasonguru | 2018-01-06 | 03:43:06

Hi all. I am new to VR as most of you know and was just wondering if there is a way and how to do it if there is?

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Post by iconPost by nsp | 2018-01-06 | 05:09:14
use chrome and dashboard extension. it will open a zezo pag for each of the races.
as simple as that :P
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2018-01-06 | 06:20:42
Jason, th polars of the boat are here
Post by iconPost by Jasonguru | 2018-01-06 | 06:51:08
i got the extension but only opens VOR race page.

1st time chrome user. never used as prefer firefox and IE and use them all the time. noticed chrome best for this game though. VR looks better. but for this for the VOR it has now told me to go a totally different way to route and plan i had using in firefox. very weird.
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2018-01-06 | 08:13:06
1. Open chrome
2. Open a page in vr site and click imediatly on Z extension in up right corner of browser. It will open a dashboard page,
Attention: don't Close the yellow banner saying VR dasboard is debugging the browser!!!
3. Be sure up in the middle auto router window and reuse tabs boxes are checked (at least I have mine like this)
4. Go to VR websitepage again do your login and enter VOR will open a Zezo page with a suggested calm...wait for some minutes till the dashboard updates your first fix position and data and click go, then you will have a more accurate suggested route.

5. Do your work on VOR page and VR map

6. Now. Go out of your VOR race and get in Clipper race it will open another Zezo map in your Browser. Same procedure, wait a <couplle of minutes for the data update and then you will have the right position and updated suggested course.

You also have a drop down menu in the dashboard page that allows you to navigate between the differen races data.

Hope it helps

Post by iconPost by Jasonguru | 2018-01-06 | 07:51:16
wow it has really messed up all races now. gonna take a couple hours to re-work new plans but should be worth it in the long run.

thanks for your help
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