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Cvetan when would you recommend resetting the waypoint from Coral Sea to Hong Kong? Seems like if you wait until you round Coral Sea that you are committed to going north of Papa/New Guinea, which is probably the best route anyway.


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Post by iconPost by nsp | 2018-01-03 | 21:30:37
Why are you using that waypoint? It won't help you.

My advice... even knowing: never give and unasked advice. :P

Set your waypoint higher, even in Hong Kong, adjust the drop down menu to the maximum days. Reset it whith your current position. Now go to the hourly arrow and increase it while you whatch the isochrones and bumps in those lines, you are looking for 2 things a clearly favorable "bumped" way and a favorable pattern of wind, avoiding unstable zones (in this particular leg you have to pass through one or two but the idea is to sneak between).

Pay atention and you will find the bumped way closer to the route. Normally it will correspond to Zezo's suggested route..but if you are creative and decide to risk because you see a consistent weather pattern in a different bumped way and you are creative, maybe that means the difference between being between 1000 and 10 first, or who knows, win the race. At first the routing program is going to fight against you, but you have found a strategy and as you get closer the new way you have found, the program "adapts" to your mind set and helps you again.

One way, purelly following Zezo's initially suggested route, or another, following a different way you picked up, you have found your long time strategy.

Zezo's can't "guess" exactly and project what will happen in 8 or 10 days, so we have to be creative and once in a while do this exercise. Altough, most of the times the best way would be Zezo's in the short term at least.

And it's not late to pick your strategy. Everything is open in this moment.

But whatever is you strategy stick to it, be persistent and don't quit unless it reveals at a point it was a complete and irreversible failure.

One last thing, follow strictly Zezo or following the leader has exactly the same effect, unless you are number one you will never win a race. Generally leader will increase the distance for you more and more and you will lose the interest and get frustrated more and more.

Sometimes you have to risk, here and there. That is called tactics.


Have a wonderful race


Ps: I see while I was editing this post, Cvetan as always with his well known availability already responded and explained why the reason of the waypoint in Coral Sea :) in a more direct and practical way than me..sorry :P

And I am sorry Cvetan for being one of those that sometimes consumes resources doing 16 days calculations :)))

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-01-03 | 22:23:24
That's a good advice.

There is no problem if some players use 16-day routing part of the time. The problem is if all players use 16-day routing at the start of the race simultaneously and it grinds the system to a halt (or leads them the wrong way if it does not)

I'm trying to do it user-friendly by suggesting reasonable destinations, but keeping them somehow neutral if possible, not to impose my exact personal preferences.

Speaking of personal preferences, so far it seems that I'm heading straight for the corner of Papua when the time comes. The 4 knot wind limit playes a huge role here.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-01-03 | 21:37:53
I'll change the default when it starts making difference, i.e. when the paths diverge.

Which will probably be tomorrow.

The reason for the Coral Sea default is:

- Avoid routing West
- Avoid problem with > 180 degree angle at the start
- Save some CPU resources by placing nearby target that does not need 16 days of calculations with a forecast that will change anyway.
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