Finished but did not finish!!!
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:33:26

Hello guys, as VR has not an active forum I thought posting here my problem.
Last VOR leg to Cardiff I am approaching the finishing circle together with some more guys (ARYLLA,MOM,TESSA etc). We all have nearly no disstance from each other and with some like TESSSA and ARYLLA we are one on top of the other and one boat is covering the other one totally.
ARYLLA is a friend and by the finish line(circle) he isa little bit ahead of me.
Arylla text me that he finished and at that moment my boat is in-site the circle by 3/4, so I know next minute it will pull me in to finish. When the minute passed I was pulled in as expected and I was placed in the center of the finishing circle were the server parks all finished boats. BUT a few seconds after my boats was ...kicked out again and I had to wait another minute to be pulled in again, thank God for good this time. When I checked the ranking I was 3 minutes later than my friend ARYLLA which proves that I lost that minute all the way. This is NOT the 1st time I am experiencing this kind of finishing -kick out-finish in again. When I spoke with ARYLLA about it he told me that he had also that kind of finishing experience. My question is if there is others that had something like that??
I believe that this is another of the so many bugs the new version of the game has. Only this bug is, or better feels as the the worst. We all spend sleepless hours over hours to gain a minute or two, so it is almost like a physical pain to loose at finish line even 1 second for a reason that you have nothing to do with
Thank you guys for your time and Cvetan thnx a lot for the hospitality.
(bewareth IST)

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Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-05-28 | 18:37:07
are 16 posts needed?
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:40:19
I just sow it and can NOT explain it as I only post it once jut seconds a go

Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:43:07
but Ursus did you seriously thought that I did post it o many times on purpose??

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-05-28 | 19:08:49
could have been a bit impatient? I read it's a bug in zezo, so sorry for my sharp reaction.

bug in VR are a bummer.

Just vast put agrond again after gybing correctly according the UI. Befor the gybe I refresh it, it sails nicely away for two minutes and than suddenly the red screen of a barbecueing crew :(

Lost 30 places with that bug. I think they try very much too chase away all their customers and with that strategy they are quite succesfull
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 19:22:32
You know the drill. You make your turn at 19:08:55. But it's a bit too late. As certain Bulgarian proverb says - "the horse is already in the river". It is submitted 5 seconds later with execution stamp of 19:10:00. At about 19:09:30 the server moves your boat to the beach.
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-29 | 14:30:36
No probs Ursus I understand it was too much 16 posts lol
Even to loose 1 spot from reasons that has nothing to do with you is a bummer.
In last leg of VOR (to Cardiff)when I realized that the guys who took the long south path will be ahead of us by several hours, at first I lost interest and so I started loosing distance from the group I was in. A couple of days later when I sow my boat near 900 spot I woke up to do the obvious. From that moment I gave it all and I didnt move from PC and didnt sleep but a couple of hours per night. Then approaching the finish I managed to be about 670 spot when the swift of the wind gave me the chance for a stronger come back. That night I didnt sleep at all. So, after so much effort, so many hours on pc and sleepless nights, I finally got there. Imagine the disappointment and frustration to get in to finish, cross the line and then being kicked out for another minute when the differences between the rest of ships around me was only a few seconds. I almost send my pc over the window....I became a..mad man and it was NOTHING I could do,
but only to talk about it here. Sorry if I was too long
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 18:47:38
Relax. That's a bug in the forum. A reload generates a new thread.
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:45:40
unbelievable ...16 times. Its also strange why some of the posts have the title in Bold letters and some not
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 18:49:19
Bold is for unread messages.

I wrote this "forum" in one afternoon and less than 1000 lines of code and it's quite buggy ;-)
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:52:56
no problem Cvetan, any idea about that with my finishing?? Did you ever hear anything like that??
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:48:45
My apologies to Cvetan for all that posts. I do not know how that happens. I hope you can delete all but the first. Thank you, you already did it

Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 18:51:59

Post by iconPost by pomale | 2018-05-29 | 16:37:08
Couldn’t it be just the fact of having no pro sails? I’ve lost tenths of places at the last tack. I’m convinced NMS, sorry for those who pay and get screwed that way.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 18:57:12
No idea. I also lost 8 places at the finish, but then the VR ranking is not exactly real-time so you never know for sure.
Post by iconPost by wedoarc3 | 2018-05-28 | 19:08:15
Well done with your finish this leg!

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 19:09:31
Sleeping late on Sunday morning pays off sometimes. Not every time, but it does happen occasionally.
Post by iconPost by PML | 2018-05-28 | 18:57:46
Did you hit the reload button when your boat was at the center of the finishing circle ? ;-)
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 19:03:42
Thank you for the answer, no I didnt hit anything as my boat was kicked out after a few seconds from the moment I was in the middle of the circle
Post by iconPost by wedoarc3 | 2018-05-28 | 19:07:23
I hacked the server and placed myself before everyone else..
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-28 | 19:13:43

Post by iconPost by wedoarc3 | 2018-05-28 | 19:26:23
I did lose a few hundred places in leg 7, i complained and they admitted it was a glitch, never got rewarded for this. No sorry.
Anyway the VR UI needs to be recoded, and needs additions like:

- Clouds that can appear containing less wind or extra wind guts. Random with a certain luck/ no-luck factor.
- Rain which effects wind and speed.
- Wear and tear of the sails. Cost time to repair.
- Changing sails cost time.
- Manouvring a lot, makes the team tired and cost time to recover, lost of speed.
- Damage to the boat, you just run in a fishing net of picked up some plastic in the rudder, lost of time again for a repair.
- Currents, which involves gains/ lost of speed.
- Integrated route prediction, hosted by Cvetan.
- Free rum for pirates.

And a live chat inside the game. When it was hosted by United Games it was really fun.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-28 | 19:35:44
3) was present in the UG version. It was not a bad idea and an anergy bar cost less in real money than single turn programming in this version.

4) It does already

5) It came with 3).

7) It's been Philippe's dream for years. Did not happen on his terms.
Post by iconPost by Stormbringer | 2018-05-29 | 21:57:33
They can't keep the parameters they have now fair and square, I would not encourage them to add more.
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