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Post by iconPost by Stormbringer | 2018-01-19 | 08:09:09

Again probably remedial at this point since most people already started the JVT last month, but what is the significance of selecting a start time from the drop down menu?

Can't I just update my position and get routing from the latest weather that is displayed?

Thanks again in advance

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-01-19 | 08:11:36
The purpose of that drop-down is to let you preview your opportunities up to one week before you start the race.

It should always say "start now" once you have entered the challenge.
Post by iconPost by Stormbringer | 2018-01-19 | 18:41:18

I'm actually not crazy about this aspect of the game, I don't have the patience to sit around and keep checking for a good window, I just wanted to kill some time before the next VOR start. Also more interesting to race with everyone from a predetermined start time.

But now I'm stuck with the full upgrade pack.


Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-01-19 | 18:56:20
The usual goal is getting to the Equator in less than about 6 days, preferably 5. It's worth checking the forecast for the following week before starting. Even the state of the st. Helena High is worth checking - not accurate a week from now, but some indication if you have to sail along the coast all the way to Rio or can take a shortcut.
Post by iconPost by WoKeN | 2018-01-20 | 17:20:15
I got to the equator in 5 days 6 hours, but then everything fell apart in the South Atlantic where 3 fronts fighted each other and I abandoned together with most of the first day leaders. So from now I check only until Gate 2 and this time things look much better.
Post by iconPost by Stormbringer | 2018-02-01 | 02:23:59
Crossed the equator at 5 days 2 hours, currently sitting 2nd place after first gate.

I take back what I said before!

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-02-01 | 11:28:44
nice! keep going and stay focussed the next 5 weeks ;)

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